Relaxation and yoga are natural ways to calm the mind. It gives an individual an opportunity to unwind against stress and anxiety in life. This is the reason why there is an entire industry devoted to these two activities. More and more people are realizing the importance of relaxation and yoga especially in terms of fighting against the uncertainties of the modern world. Let us take a look at the various reasons why relaxation and yoga can reap benefits for you.

 Better outlook in life

Doing a series of asanas which basically is a sequence of sitting and standing for an hour is beneficial for overall well-being. A study made in Boston University showed that yoga can help raise the level of GABA in the brain. Low levels of GABA are linked to depression. This only proves that yoga is helpful in making the person feel happier.

 Better blood pressure

Relaxation is known to lower blood pressure. Relaxation is a great way to reduce stress which has an impact to blood pressure. Relaxation techniques are often employed to lower the heart rate. It is important to lower blood pressure as a person dies every 33 minutes due to heart disease. Hypertension is the leading cause of heart diseases in the world. The American Health Association tells people to do a lot of physical activity which includes Yoga to combat hypertension. Yoga can help the person better manage his blood pressure, stress and weight. People benefit from yoga since it provides calming effect and helps lower stress and anxiety.

 Better chances against pain

Pain sufferers reported that they felt 56 percent less pain after doing some yoga, said a study that was published in a leading medical journal. Sufferers that did two one-and-a- half-hour yoga classes per week had better responses against pain compared to non-yoga practitioners that only had pain killers. Researchers believe that the postures help the back muscles which in turn alleviate pain in the process.  In fact, there have been yogis in the past who demonstrated that the brain is powerful enough to release painkillers and numb the body from physical pain. Duke University researchers have found that yoga is effective in making the body deal better with chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and even fibromyalgia.

 Better sleep throughout the night

A new study said that a 10-minute relaxation exercise is found to be beneficial in giving a better night’s sleep. At the same time, a separate research reported that people tend to sleep faster and longer after doing a series of yoga poses for 45 minutes each day. Researchers believe that doing yoga regularly helped people to easily doze off to sleep. Doing three 45-minute yoga sessions per week can help insomniacs get a better quality of sleep. Yoga is designed to make the mind calmer which usually translates to deep relaxation. It is great especially for those people who are having a hard time sleeping at night.

 Better sex life

Practicing daily asanas will improve your chances at hitting the big O. A new study revealed that regular yoga sessions help against anxiety and releases hormones that may help in sexual arousal. This translates to better libido and better chances in achieving orgasm. After all, a lot of people have been using yoga for better sex since 200 B.C.

 Better strength

If you think that doing weights alone will give you better strength, think again. Yogis know that yoga provides strength training like no other. Since you mostly use your body weight when you are doing asanas it helps the body to gain strength in the process. There are lots of asanas designed to tone and firm the muscles.

Doing yoga has become a pedestrian for breathing nowadays. It is not uncommon for people going to yoga classes for better health of the mind and body. It is important that you do it regularly under the supervision of a trained professional. You will reap a lot of benefits from yoga and relaxation that can totally change the way you live your life.

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Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  For more information regarding these topics, check out his Twitter or Goggle+ account.



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