Humans are creatures of habits. Some of us would dare not deviate from the normal routine that we have accustomed to. However, if you have finally decided to become healthier and slimmer, it is time to break old habits that you have been doing that has been wreaking havoc to your body. Shake your lifestyle a bit by breaking those bad eating habits and you will start reaping the benefits.

Never eat when you’re in a bad mood.
Using food to pacify your anger and frustrations may seem to be an effective relief for the meantime.  But, doing this will only start the vicious cycle of emotional eating and weight gain which may lead to persistent symptoms of anxiety and stress. Before you know it, you are already saying goodbye to your smaller clothes and welcoming bigger sizes. 

Start slowly and surely
Starting slow is the easiest way to ease towards healthy eating habits. Small changes in your diet and routine can help build a momentum that can help you cut inches off your waistline. Start your day with a good breakfast and get enough sleep at least seven hours per night. Divide the usual portions in half and chew your food more than you are used to. These simple changes in your lifestyle can help you carve a life that is geared towards better eating habits.

 Limit your alcohol intake
Alcohol gives you a lot of empty calories. In fact, alcohol has no significant health benefit and could lead you to a host of illnesses. If you can’t hold off the alcohol, try to bring down the consumption until you are comfortable in giving up the stuff for good. Try to drink one or two shots per day until you are able to stop the habit completely.

 Drink more water
Drinking water is the best way to hydrate oneself and also to flush toxins away from the body. Water can also do wonders in your effort to lose weight. Water can also give you a clearer complexion and other wonderful health benefits. Try to drink a glass or two of water an hour before you eat so that you will get fuller faster. This means less calorie intake which is beneficial for losing weight.

 Keep the bad foods away
Keeping the bad foods away is a great way to ease the temptation. If you can stay away from sugary foods and bad sodas you can break the bad habits faster. Munch on something healthy like celery sticks or carrot sticks instead of oily potato chips that are fattening and contain a lot of sodium can give you hypertension.

Always eat breakfast
Nutrition experts say that eating breakfast is one of the surest ways to lose weight. Breakfast eaters tend to be better in shedding the pounds off than those who would rather eat lunch alone. A good breakfast should contain fewer sugars and a lot of fiber and protein to keep you full and eat less during lunch.

 Set specific goals
Set specific goals that would add up for a monumental change in your eating habits. For example eat one kind of vegetable each week and add another the week after. This will give you more time to choose what kind of vegetable you really like and stick to it.

Don’t eat and drive
Many people have the habit of eating while they’re driving or when they’re inside the car.  This makes it even harder for you to track how much you have been eating.  The worse thing about it is that those who have the habit of eating inside the car will most likely prefer to have it from fast foods and several drive-through corners. Know when and where to eat.  Mealtime is such a very important routine in an individual’s life.  Make sure to set aside enough time to do it at the right place and at the right time.

The formation of bad eating habits is often the reason why we fail in our quest to lose weight. A change in lifestyle entails changes in the way and the foods that we eat. Starting small can do big wonders down the road which is crucial in keeping oneself healthier and fitter.

About the Author:
Ryan Rivera writes about stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. You may visit his Calm Clinic Facebook or you may reach him through his Twitter account.



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