Inflammatory breast cancer is a very aggressive type of breast cancer and difficult to detect. The reason why it is difficult to detect this cancer is that it does not cause a clear lump to develop in breast or in armpits. When accused of inflammatory breast cancer the affected breast looks swelled, red, and warm to touch.

The most troublesome thing about this cancer is that it is very difficult to diagnose. Even a mammogram, ultrasound, or a self examination of breast also fails to detect this cancer. The most aggressive information about this cancer and that is needed to be in everyone’s knowledge is that it grows and spreads over night. Hence it is important for you to get maximum knowledge about this cancer’s symptoms so that it can be detected earlier and there should be no confusion because most often women take its symptoms as an ordinary breast infection.

Symptoms Of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

  • Breast itchiness
  • Feel of warmth in breast
  • Experiencing rash on breast
  • Swelling in the veins of breast
  • Change in the position of nipples
  • A sudden alteration in breast size
  • Nipples discharging with some fluid
  • Swelling over some or whole of breast
  • Redness or some other change in texture of breast skin

Always remember that this type of breast cancer is although very rare but can develop to anyone. You have to be very careful about any of the changes and if even a single change appears to you then don’t wait for another to develop and discuss with your doctor for further investigation.



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