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Importance of early detection of breast cancer has put an upward stress on breast cancer screening tools. Manu tools and techniques for early detection of breast cancer have been introduced, so that the increasing mortality rate among breast cancer sufferers can be reduced.

Mammography is taken as a gold standard in early diagnosis of this cancer. This test is exclusively used for breast cancer screening using imaging method with help of a low dose x-ray system. Images of both breasts are taken with help of a machine. Mammogram test is categorized as;

Screening Mammography

Screening mammography is used when there are no symptoms found. It is helpful in diagnosing breast cancer before it gets develop. Women with family history of this disease or genetic history of breast cancer are at high risk of this cancer, so they are recommended to undergo a regular screening mammography.

Diagnostic Mammography

This tool of mammogram test is employed when a woman is suspected with breast cancer signs. Lumps in breasts are although a vital symptom of this cancer, but all of the lumps are not cancerous. If presence of lump is found then to find whether it is cancerous or not diagnostic mammogram test is used.

Mammogram test is reliable in finding out tumors in very early stage. It ensures ability of a doctor not only to detect tumor early but it is helpful in choosing effective treatment method to cure it successfully. And early removal of cancer tumors is helpful in ensuring 98% survival rates.