Women are at large scale encountering with breast cancer since past, and not save even current era. In fact number of sufferers reported is also mounting every year. Late detection in many cases is also causing deaths enormously.

Breast awareness is authority of knowing breasts for their normal look and feeling in routine. Breast awareness gives you confidence of being familiar with breasts. It is very easy and practical to know the look and feel of breasts. To be breast aware requires you to be regular in examining breasts.

Once you get familiar with normal appearance and feel of breasts, you become more confident in understanding what is abnormal with your breasts. Abnormalities which can cause tumor in your breasts are;

  • Nipple changes such as ulceration, bleeding or inverted shape
  • Breast mass variations (although it is natural to have negligible or slight change in breasts size but not very much)
  • Redness, or wrinkling on breasts skin
  • Any lump or bump on breast or even it can be in underarm area
  • Sudden enlargement in any breast size
  • Fluid discharging from nipples
These are the signs which women should not only be aware of, but should be reported early if found. Breast can’t be prevented, but however if it starts developing it can be treated early. Early treatment gives you the golden opportunity of living for more years. Now being women you have to be not only aware of your breasts but also be responding if any changes occur.



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