Symptoms of any disease prove very effective in detecting it earlier. Early detection of a disease always works like a key to treat this disease with maximum chances of success and survival. Breast cancer does not cause any significant symptom at its earliest stage, but later it starts causing signs which are very easy to catch and make earlier diagnosis of this cancer possible.

  1. A new lump appeared in breast or in armpit area
  2. Pain or soreness in nipples or in breasts
  3. Nipples discharging with some fluid
  4. Inverted nipples
  5. Change in breasts’ size
  6. Wrinkling on breast skin
  7. Cracks or some other changes in breast skin

If you are often examine your breast it is not difficult for you to recognize any of the changes developed in your breasts. When you start examining your breasts you have to be very conscious about what you normally feel and how your breasts look like in routine. A woman is strictly advised to examine her breasts soon after few days of her period. There develop different changes in breasts during your period days because of hormonal variations. When a woman examines her chest area during her period she may get confused and puzzled, so it is advised them to check their breasts week after their periods.

In examining your breasts by yourself you have to look and feel them. You have to be very attentive when you are looking at your breasts. This look does not mean to just getting a bird’s eye view of whole chest part instead you have to look this area in a very detailed manner involving the exam of nipples which can be checked by squeezing them.

Your breast feel is completely about knowing the inside of your breast. That can be done with aid of your hands. When you know breast cancer symptoms it is not a big deal to catch them if they appear to you. It is best for you to examine your breasts in routine to get familiar with anomalous and normal for you.



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