Breast cancer is a universal phenomenon as women of all ages are at increased risk of developing this life threatening disease any time. Women should know about the risk factors of developing this disease so that she can control some of the avoidable factors to reduce the risk of developing cancer. There are some controlled risk factors such as

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet has a strong impact on the human body as it strengthens the immune system to save the body from certain diseases and infections. If a woman follows a healthy diet plan she decreases her risk of being affected by the disease because there are some food items which contribute to improve the risk of being affected by the disease.

Food items rich in fats are not good to health as they promote obesity and increase the risk of cancer also. Women need to follow a healthy diet plan that must contain plenty of fruits and vegetables to promote good health and keep the cancer at distance.

Alcohol Intake

Alcohol intake is not only hazardous to health it also play a vital role to improve the risk of breast cancer so women need to avoid the consumption of alcohol s even the minimum intake increases the risk to a large extent.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to minimize the risk of breast cancer so women need to schedule regular exercise so that she can’t only reduce the risk, but also maintains her body weight as well.



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