Screening simply refers to finding out a disease before it symptoms appear. Breast screening is obviously about search of cancer in breasts. Breast cancer is the second most common killer of women. Every year the cases detected with breast cancer are increasingly high. Due to the early detection of this disease death rate caused by this cancer has been reduced.

Breast screening involves all tests used to examine breasts and these are mammograms, clinical breast exams. Both of these are considered to be reliable in examining breasts for any abnormality. Breast cancer risk is increasing with increase in age, so older women are asked to undergo a man annual mammogram along with two to three time clinical breast exam in a year.

Another very common type of breast screening is known as self breast examination. Women after receiving their menopause are advised to plan a breast examination on their own. Every month after periods women should look and feel their breasts by themselves.

To perform this exam, stand in front of a mirror to look for any change. Take a deep glance of shape and size as it is very important to know that there is no much difference in both breasts’ size and also sight your breasts’ skin.

Taking a deep look of all chest area, feel your breasts with fingers of your hands. Move your middle three fingers pad over breasts then on underarm area and collar bone. Press your breasts and all chest area with fingers to feel any lump in chest area.

Self breast exam is not at all time consuming method for breast screening, so you should be very active and enthusiastic in taking care of your breasts.



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