A misconception prevailing among people is that cancer of breast is a disease exclusively associated with women. This concept about breast cancer has made the men to be relaxed in the sense that they will never get this cancer ever in their lives. Meanwhile this thinking has proved false and the detection of this disease in men also has completely reversed the concept that breast cancer is only a health issue for women.

It is although embarrassing and unbelievable for men to accept this truth that they can also get breast cancer. Basically men and women nearly have same structure of breasts in them, and the only difference is that women breasts are more developed as they are for a very specific purpose of breastfeeding to the newly born.

Breast cancer in men is a rare disease but the early detection of this cancer in any individual either in man or woman is life saving. Awareness about the early signs of this disease is equally important for men as for women.

  • Development of a painless lump in breast or any thickness in chest area
  • Retraction or any abnormal change in the nipples area
  • Any fluid discharge from nipples
  • Redness on chest area

As men can also have this disease they should also take care of their chest area. Knowing the signs of breast cancer and examining the chest area is also important for men as it is for women.



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