It is tragic to find that most of the women by themselves are allowing breast cancer to make pace in their breasts. yes and it is very surprising and many women will disagree with it but sorry to say it is true. Along with different breast cancer causes those are not in one’s control, there are many risks those are generated by women themselves and hence are a cause of breast cancer in them.

The factors those can be successfully controlled by women leading to a significant decrease in breast cancer risk can be;

  • Obesity
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Pathetic dietary routine
  • Use of contraceptive pills
  • Non serious attitude towards regular physical activity
If you are too much obese you have actually put yourself in the bracket of high breast cancer risk. All of the above listed factors are suspected as fueling elements in increasing the risk for this disease. use of alcohol and smoking trend in women has proved very dangerous for their health.  

On the other hand, dietary habits of modern world have added to the risk of not only breast cancer but to many other diseases. on the whole there can be many other factors not listed here can also be a solid reason for this disease. the best way of defeating this cancer is to detect it at earliest stage. along with consulting the available breast screening tests an additional and effective favor to your breast health is use of a breast screening device to find any inside abnormality. Breastlight is recommended to all women to be added to their breast screening and they should also work how to keep themselves away from different controlled risk factors.



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