Breast cancer cases are rapidly increasing by every passing day. It is nearly impossible for a woman to prevent herself from this cancer. Breast cancer is affecting woman of every age. Late detection of this cancer is more harmful than the cancer itself because as there occurs delay in its diagnosis breast cancer grows more rapidly.

All women who have entered their menstruation should start examining their breasts on monthly basis. In this way they get familiar with normal look and feel of their breasts. When you are executing this exam you should also be familiar with what is abnormal and what you have to look and feel for. These are indeed breast cancer symptoms which you should be familiar with. It is because of your knowledge about these signs which is a great aid in detecting this fatal cancer at very early stage.

A lump developed either inside the breast or in the armpit is a clear indication of breast cancer. This symptom can be detected at very beginning if you are in touch with your breast feel. A lump if felt should be reported at once because breast cancer is a type that once developed start spreading very rapidly.

If you find a change in the texture of nipples or feel scaliness you should consult it too. And if you see some fluid releasing from nipples on squeezing them gently it is also not normal. You are advised to be conscious while looking the shape and direction of nipples. Any change in the nipples position is also an indicating sign that breast cancer has started developing in the breast. Furthermore, carefully look at the breasts’ skin and its size and if you find a variation in breast size then report it to your GP.

Any of these above signs are not normal and if you are experiencing even a single sign then don’t make any delay in appointment to your doctor because it can be one of the early breast cancer symptoms.



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