When a person plans his diet according to the body requirements keeping in mind a specific sport or athletic activity in which a person has to take part is known as sports nutrition. There are three main meals in a day you have to plan and consume every diet properly.  


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day you have to break the fats that body keeps the whole night. Your breakfast must be healthy and full of energy to give you a good start of day. It can be a glass of milk, juice along with a cup of oats, fat free yogurt, peanut butter with bread and eggs to have a high protein breakfast.


Lunch plays an important role in sports nutrition so it must be taken as priority because since morning the body is using the energy for workouts so now it is essential to give it fuel for rest of the day. Focus to eat carbohydrate filled meal such as rice and pasta and avoid full fat food items. There are meal replacement shakes and drinks on the market as well that can be consumed if you are in hurry and can’t have proper lunch.


Dinner is important because at the time of dinner you are going to store the food in your body for tomorrow’s workouts so it is really important in sports nutrition. A good dinner for an athlete is a cup of black beans, a cup of rice and corn mix, 1 cup frozen yogurt with salad and ½ cup frozen fruits is also a good option.



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