Among breast cancer types there are some which are found to be less common. These types include inflammatory breast cancer, Paget’s disease of nipples, medullary carcinoma, mucinous carcinoma, and some other not common types. Inflammatory breast cancer is although least common but most aggressive type of this cancer.

This type of breast cancer is most aggressive because it develops and spreads overnight. This cancer accounts for 1-5% of all breast cancers. It is a hostile type but it can be treated in case of early detection. This cancer initially forms redness and inflammation on breast and you can also experience warmth on breasts. This cancer is more common among obese women above fifty. According to its level of aggressiveness this type has been categorized in different stages those are;

Stage 3b

This stage of cancer, states that it has spread to nearby tissues of breasts, and possibly to the underarm lymph nodes.

Stage 3c

It is the stage in which if there is cancer tumor it can be of any size and it has invaded breast skin or even chest wall. Or there is also possibility that cancer has spread to the lymph nodes near breastbone, or even near collarbone.

Stage 4

This stage of breast cancer is the most aggressive stage known to us as metastasized stage in which cancer has spread to other organs of body like heart, brain, lungs and other parts as well.

This type of cancer is also curable but only if detection is made at its earliest stage. Women are at a very significant level of risk for this cancer, but if they keep checking their breasts and control all activities those can increase their risk they can live a safer life. Further they should pay attention toward the foods they use in routine because there are some foods those can increase their risk, so it is important to keep a check and use diet full of vegetables and fruits.



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