There are numerous ways to lose weight as people are trying to get rid of extra body weight with the help of different ways, but what I find effective is regular exercise along with the protein rich diet. Protein is the basic requirement of the body as most of the body parts are made up of protein, and to fulfill the higher requirements of the body it is essential that protein should come from different sources. The most effective, and quick way I have found to suffice the body with protein in my diet is to include variety of protein sources in the diet plan.

It is a clear fact that several small meals are better than a few large meals so that the body gets continuous supply of essential nutrients for optimal health. Taking a protein shake before going to bed is a good option because this way the metabolism can be kept up without going for extra fats, and carbohydrates. These shakes are available over the counter in variety of flavors so, however some of them are pre made shakes but they are expensive as compare to those prepared at home by getting hold of cheap UK supplements.

A big pack of protein powder is a good choice as it contains a good amount of protein powder in it, and to buy the bog pack is economical as compare to the small ones. Online stores offer these powders on special price that is lower than the normal price of supplements on local stores. The shake is easy to prepare with this protein powder put some amount of protein powder that is almost 21 grams in a blender, and add a sugar free pudding of your favorite flavor into the shake, and the amount of pudding depends upon your choice that how much thickness you need of that shake.

The last thing to add is water or milk, although I prefer to use fat free milk because that tastes better comparatively, however the amount of calories increase due to this addition but it tastes great. Blend all these things into the blender until a smooth shake is not prepared.



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