Every day women have to encounter breast cancer in their life. It is affecting women of every age largely. Late detection of this disease results nothing but only death of the victims. Although a huge amount of money is attributed t the research done for this cancer, but still its complete cure is not found yet.

It is curable only if detected earlier, so doctors are putting a great stress on making detection of this cancer as early as possible. For the sake of early detection of this cancer a number of ways for breast exam has been introduced.

Mammogram test is a wonderful invention of its time and a reliable source of detecting not only any abnormality but also finding out whether this abnormality is cancerous or benign. . Mammography often called as imaging test is carried out with help of an x-ray machine. Either the breast showing any abnormal change or both of breasts are compressed one by one in x-ray machine. Images taken by the machine helps doctor to locate where abnormality is developed.

Once the place of tumor is detected, next important step is to find out type of the tumor that whether it is cancer or some mass that is not a thing of concern. Sometimes masses found in breasts are not cancer, and can be removed easily by simple treatment.

After cancer is detected it becomes easy to decide the treatment best suit for the cancer to be cured. That is the reason why cancer is divided into different types



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