Breast awareness is extremely necessary for women. It is about getting known with your own body. When you develop this habit of looking and feeling your breasts you can understand what is normal for you. Basically for breast awareness it is important that you should feel and look your breasts and these can be performed in any way you find more comfortable. These two most vital parts of your awareness about breasts can be performed in shower, in front of mirror, and even while lying down to sleep.

It is important or you to be familiar with what is normal for you and also about the abnormalities related to your chest. The normal changes a woman experiences can be divided into two main phases of her life;

Normal Changes In Premenopausal Phase:

Proper breast development in woman starts when she enters her puberty and then the phase of changes keep happening until she reaches her period near menopause. When she reaches her adulthood she has a developed breast structure and after menstruation she has more developed breasts. During period days she may experience pain, lumpiness or tenderness in her chest area because glandular tissues get active and function with more fast speed than in routine. However these feelings remain during the days of period and afterwards your breasts come to their routine feel.

When you are pregnant and even after pregnancy you again find your breasts heavier and lumpy that is because of hormonal changes for production of milk and it is natural.

Normal Changes In Postmenopausal Phase:

After reaching menopause you find your breasts tender and more lumpy. Some women also complain for breast pain during post menopause that can be treated but it is again normal.

Abnormal Changes:

Appearance of a lump that feels harder and painful is not normal. Any change in chest skin like wrinkles, or scratches and even change in texture is also required to be reported. Nipples experiencing any abnormal change like pain, change in position, or any fluid discharge from them is also not normal and should be immediately reported.

To understand abnormal and normal changes regarding your breasts is an inevitable part of breast awareness. When you are familiar with these changes you can understand this vital part of your body and can save it from any danger.



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