It is true that breast cancer does not expose itself in very beginning, but as it starts developing it causes its signs to appear either in or over the surface of chest area. Once you become familiar to breast cancer symptoms you can catch them at a very early stage. Early detection of breast cancer makes this disease curable along with increased chances of survival. Signs those are taken as symptoms of breast cancer include;

  • A lump or some hard mass in breast or in under arms
  • Discharging nipples
  • Wrinkling or some other changes over breast skin
  • Changes in nipples position
  • Redness and swelling on breast

These are the symptoms which breast cancer can cause when it starts developing. These signs can be caught very early while undergoing a breast check. Breast check includes all those methods which help in screening breasts for any abnormality. Most commonly used breast checks are self breast exam, clinical breast check, and mammogram test.

Self breast check is valued in catching any disease very early, and nearly 90% breast cancer diagnoses are found on women behalf. Breast exam performed by a woman herself is about looking and feeling breasts for any change. An effective breast look can be made by standing in front of a mirror. And breast feel can be made by touching our breasts with your own hands.

Clinical breast check is as same as self breast exam but the main difference is that clinical exam of breasts is done by your physician. Your physician first look at your chest are to find if there is any change that is unusual and then moves fingers of hands to feel any lump or other changes inside breasts and under arms.

Mammogram is the most reliable breast screening method that has helped in saving many lives by early detection of breast cancer. All of these three screening methods are very helpful in finding out breast cancer at most early stages. But need is to utilize these tools.



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