One woman in every ten is at a high risk of breast cancer. The deaths by breast cancer are thousands in number every year. Self examinations every month are a sure way of finding breast cancer earlier. Women after reaching their twenty should start examining their breasts by themselves. Earlier breast cancer is found lower will be the chances to receive painful treatments and higher will be the years of survival after getting treated.

Self breast exam is very easy test for breast screening and can be performed in perfect privacy of your room. It is a test that involves palpation and view of your whole chest area.

Breast palpation is basically a way to get sensation of your breasts. it is an attention demanding step of self breast exam, because higher level of attention you will pay toward breast feel, more you will able to get understanding of inside breast tissues. Feel your breasts into two ways first gently and then firmly. This will be carried out with the aid of your fingers.

You have then to shift your focus toward what is the exact look of your breasts. Look at the breasts’ size carefully and then compare them. Carefully look at the skin type of your chest area you have. Be alert while examining your nipples.

Note the changes you felt or viewed when you conducted the breast exam and take immediate action about the changes you caught.



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