Health is indeed the greatest wealth and importance of this proverb is currently realized by all communities. Breast cancer is striking thousands of women every year. But due to availability of early detecting tests many lives are saved every year. Every concerned institute is working to create awareness about this cancer. As early detection is a key factor to treat this cancer successfully then your awareness about this disease is extremely important to detect this cancer earlier.

When you are a woman breast cancer can attack you at any age in your life. As a part of your awareness you should undergo a mammogram test after every three years or once in a year. Mammogram is a best test among all breast cancer screening tests. It is very helpful for early detection of this disease. Along with mammogram undergoing a couple of clinical examinations every year is also very important step toward early diagnosis.

You should be aware of the early warning signs of this disease also because along with consulting the breast screening tests you should also plan self examinations every month. And before execute the series of monthly self examination s of your breasts you are supposed to be aware of the abnormalities which may lead to the development of breast cancer. When you know what you have to look for while examining your breasts, your examination becomes consequential.

Breast lumps are more commonly found sign of this disease. These develop either in your breast or even in your armpits. It is good to know that those who always remain in touch with their chest area can catch these lumps while feeling their chest.  And other signs may also appear in form of skin or nipples changes. Every woman needs to be concerned not about herself but she should also spread breast cancer awareness to other her sisters.



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