Breast cancer is a global epidemic and is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in women around the globe, however the death rate varies but there is hardly any country in which this disease is not identified as the disease of women world. Women are strongly advised to struggle for early detection of the breast cancer because unfortunately there is no way to prevent the disease.

Not all women are at the same risk of developing breast cancer as the some with higher genetic risk should seek the specialist advice to be o the safe side while others are also advised to be in touch with breasts for noticing the abnormal breast changes that may lead to the development of breast cancer and especially younger women because they are not offered to attend their breasts screening so they must see any other method through which they can maintain a contact with breasts to diagnose abnormal changes as they take place.

Self Breast Exam

Self breast exam is not only useful for women of any specific age group as it does not have any side effects, but younger women are strongly recommended to start it at the age of 20 as they are never young to start it because this disease does not recognize the age limit and can affect the women of any age so to perform it regularly must be the part of health care routine.



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